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Dear readers of fashiontotal. Today’s post is dedicated to tennis and the sexiest female tennis players and their lovely outfits. As many of you will already know Wimbledon 2008 tennis Championship finished last Sunday. Perhaps you still remember the wonderful and thrilling gentlemen final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. We want to congratulate Rafa Nadal on his outstanding performance which put an end to Federer’s supremacy on grass. Don’t worry. We are not going to review all the scores of the championship. We are going to focus on tennis fashion paying close attention to sexy players and sexy tennis outfits worn by female players during the last two weeks at SW19. This year we have witnessed the new reality of ladies tennis: a bunch of beautiful long-legged players coming from Eastern Europe (with names ending in ova) dressed in wonderful eye-popping tennis outfits and delighting the eyes of the masculine attendance. This year’s Wimbledon movie could have been perfectly titled “The Devil wears Nike”. Sooner or later female tennis players will end up playing dressed in swimsuit. Wait and see. Anyway, I prefer Lucy Pinder's white tennis outfit. As you can see she's a master with the balls. Do you agree with me?

We’ll start our review with the prettiest amongst all these tennis players: the gourgeous Russian player María Sharapova. The number 3 seed ditched her famous mini skirt for shorts echoing the trend that has dominated women’s fashion for the last two summers. Maria showed up in Centre Court dressed in a tuxedo outfit. This new trendy Tuxedo-like outfit fitted her really well and she was delighted with her pleated shirt and shorts. We should also highlight her 5000-$ earrings made of diamonds set in platinum. Maybe she tried to use them as a tactic to blind her opponents but with little or no success. Her performance in Wimbledon 2008 could be summarized in the following pictures. Maria shows up in Centre Court impeccably dressed in her tuxedo outfit. Have a look at the policeman to the left of the picture. What’s he looking at? Maria takes off her jacket revealing her nice pleated bib shirt and gets ready to play. You can see that the outfit fits her front and backside perfectly well. The match has started and she hits the ball hard. Well, maybe not so hard because she’s swept aside by fellow Russian Alyna Kudriavtseva and sent packing in the second round causing the first major upset in Wimbledon 2008. What a pity!! Alter the match Kudriavtseva said that one of her motivations during the match was Sharapova’s appalling dress sense.

Let’s go on reviewing the sexiest tennis outfits worn by the prettiest tennis players in Wimbledon 2008. The Serbian player Ana Ivanovic, seeded 1, stood out for her glamour and elegance rather than for her performance. Ana proved to be in top form in styling but was quickly sent packing by Chinese giant-killer Zheng one of the sensations of the tournament. Ana ditched the puffball outfit she wore in Roland Garros for an Adidas petal-shaped skirt. In the first picture you can see the outfit Ana wore in Wimbledon (left) and the one she’s expected to wear in the US Open scheduled for late August (right). In the second picture you can see that the former outfit showed too much of Ana’s body. The new one is more discreet. Ana had a really tough match to overcome French player Natalie Dechy and at the end of the match Ana kissed the top of the net which had helped her save a match point. In the following match Chinese giant killer Zheng brushed her aside in straight sets. What a pity for Ana’s numerous admirers and supporters. We hope she’ll do better in Flushing Meadows next month because we are looking forward to watching her play again.

Now is turn for Williams sisters. Serena and Venus Williams seem to have been born in another world. When it comes down to Wimbledon they are a safe bet. You can take for granted that either Serena or Venus will win the Championship. Their outfits are well worth a comment. Serena Williams caused a stunt when she showed up in Centre Court dressed in a fashionable white mini trench. She even warmed-up dressed this way before taking it off and show off a mini skirt tennis attire that revealed her massive arms and legs. Her sister Venus, who has her own clothing line, chose an outfit perhaps more appropriate for the red carpet of the Oscars Award Ceremony than for a tennis court. The mini skirt is also very nice and reveals her beautiful legs. This time Venus pulled it off and won the Championship. It seems that the ladies title is becoming a family issue.

Wimbledon has also produced some new surprises and pleasant discoveries. I’m going to focus on two of the most promising newcomers. The beautiful 18-year-old Danish player Carolina Woczniaki is one of the new jewels in ladies tennis. Carolina lost to Serbian Jelena Jankovic in third round but we have to admit that a bright future lies ahead of her and not only as far as tennis is concerned. Not so long ago there were rumours that she had an affair with Rafael Nadal. If this was true we should recognize Rafa a very good taste for women.

Another rising star is the sexy 18-year-old Czech player Nicole Vaidisova. Nicole is one of the beauties of the new generation of Eastern European players. In addition to being really gorgeous Nicole played really well in SW19. Nicole made it through the quarterfinals where she lost to Chinese giant killer Zheng who had previously got rid of Ana Ivanovic. Having a look to her pictures we must admit that she looks as beautiful in tennis outfit as in casual look. Don’t forget this name because Nicole is destined to win a lot of tournaments in the future. To conclude this post I’ll embed a slide show so you can admire our sexy tennis players in action in Wimbledon 2008. I hope you enjoy it. Best regards.

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