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Dear friends: this post is going to be about one of the sexiest and hottest women in the World: Pamela Anderson. Have you ever dreamed about her?? I suppose you have imagined her dressed in her red swimsuit and saving you from drowning. I also have. But the story always ends the same way. I die from a heart attack when I see her come towards me and approach her boobs to my face. Then I wake up sweating and screaming. What an unforgettable experience!! My friends let me introduce you Pamela Anderson .

Although many people think she’s American, Pamela was born in Ladysmith, Canada, in 1967. She was discovered by chance. During the summer of 1989, Pamela went with her friends to a Canadian football game; at some point during the game, the TV cameraman, who was a razor sharp, showed her on the stadium screen wearing a Labbat's t-shirt, causing the excited crowd to cheer for the twenty one-year-old Anderson. She was taken down to the field to get an ovation from the crowd. After that, all the players wanted to get her phone number and were unable to score again. Labbat's immediately offered Anderson a modeling contract and she accepted: soon she was on posters in all trucks, workshops and bars in Canada. In late 1989, Pamela decided to model for Playboy magazine: she appeared on the October 1989 cover and decided to move to Los Angeles to continue her modeling career. No sooner had she arrived in Los Angeles when she went to undergo breast augmentation. From the airport right to the clinic….. The second thing she did was to look for accommodation. With her brand new big boobs in front of her, she landed the role of C.J. Parker (1992-1997) on Baywatch. The show was on TV for a few years and was a complete success. Pamela became a star and a sex symbol in most parts of the World.

After Baywatch she starred a number of movies and TV series but no one reached the same success as Baywatch did. Her career as a TV star started to decline. The only thing that has augmented since then is the size of her boobs. Her last appearance was in the 2006 comedy film "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" as the title character seeks to kidnap and marry her. Nowadays Pamela is more famous for her well-publicized personal life than for her professional performance. Her strange relationships have made headlines in gossip magazines for years. She married Tommy Lee, drummer of Motley Crue, in 1995 having known him for a long time: 96 hours. The couple had two sons. Anderson filed for divorce from him twice and reconciled with him twice, before the couple finally broke up for good. On February 25, 1998, Tommy abused Pamela and then was arrested. The next day, Pamela filed for divorce from him. Then, on February 28, 1998, the divorce was official for only two days of filing for divorce. Tommy was sentenced for six months in jail. She however admitted to newspapers that she still often had sex with him since their divorce. They have left glorious moments like the video shot onboard their yacht showing plenty of sex, blow jobs, and fun. In the following picture you can see Pamela with Tommy Lee. What a pair of boobs!!!

Since her divorce from Tommy Lee, she has become engaged to both the model Marcus Scheckenberg and the singer Kid Rock (Robert J. Ritchie). She broke up with Schenkenberg in 2001. Here you can see the couple in the happy days.

After Marcus, she engaged to Kid Rock. It was announced on July 18, 2006 that she would marry Kid Rock on July 29, 2006 on a yacht near St. Tropez, France..She put her Malibu, home up for sale in order to move to a more private location. Besides intelligent, Pamela is also very modest. In an interview with Gavriel Maynard, Anderson stated "I don't know why people consider me stupid, I'm actually really smart." Contrary to people’s opinion I think she is. If she weren’t, how the hell would she have made so much money? Here you can see some pictures taken onboard a yacht before her wedding ceremony with Kid.

What happened after the wedding? On November 10, 2006, it was announced that Anderson miscarried while in Vancouver shooting a new film, Blonde and Blonder. Seventeen days later, on November 27, 2006 Anderson filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court from Kid Rock, citing irreconcilable differences. Some news reports have suggested that Kid Rock's outrage during a screening of Borat, in which she plays a cameo role, led to the filing for divorce two weeks later. Although it might be hard to believe, Pamela is actively campaigning for animal rights. She’s a vegetarian and active member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA’s managers are quite clever and they only accept attractive women like Pamela and the brazilian top Fernanda Tavares. One of Anderson's campaigns as a member of PETA has been against the use of fur. In 2003, Anderson stripped down for PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" advertising campaign.

She has also actively campaigned against Kentucky Fried Chicken. In 2001, Anderson released a letter in support of PETA's campaign against Kentucky Fried Chicken, stating "What KFC does to 750 million chickens each year is not civilized or acceptable." In January 2006, Anderson requested that the Governor of Kentucky remove a bust of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, but the request was refused even when she offered her own bust in exchange. Had I been the Governor of Kentucky I would have been delighted to accept her offer. Who could reject an offer like this? She has also campaigned against seal hunting in her native Canada. In March 2006, Anderson asked to speak to Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the annual seal hunt. Apparently she doesn’t seem to be very successful in her struggle in favor of animal rights. This last request was also refused. Now that wrinkles are starting to appear and she won’t get too many contracts, we encourage Pamela to go on with this attitude in favor of animal rights in the hope that she will soon become much more influential. Good Luck Pam!! At the end of the post you can find some video fragments from Pamela. Really nice. Regards.

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