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Our privacy policy describes how we gather, keep or use the information we collect through the different services of web pages available in this web site. It's important for you to understand what kind of information we gather and how we use it since access to this site implies acceptance of our privacy policy.
Access to this web site may mean the use of cookies. Cookies are small bits of information stored on the user's web browser so the server can register some information that might be used later. This information allows the server to identify you as a determined user and keep a record of your personal likes as well as technical information such as the web pages you visit. Those users not willing to receive cookies can set their browsers not to accept them.
Nowadays, most browsers deal with cookies in three different ways:
1.- Cookies are never accepted.
2.- The browser requests the user acceptance of each cookie.
3.- Cookies are always accepted.

The browser may also include the option to better determine what kind of cookies should be accepted or rejected. More specifically the user can usually accept some of the following options:
- Reject cookies coming from some specific domains
- Reject cookies coming from a third party
- Accept cookies as non-persistent ones (they will be deleted when closing the browser)
- Allow the browser to create cookies for a different domain. In addition to this, browsers can also permit the users to see and delete cookies individually.

Google, as associate supplier, utilizes DOUBLECLICK cookies to publish ads on your site. Users can disable the use of the DOUBLECLICK cookie through the Google ads and accesing the privacy policy of its content network.. More information about cookies is available at Web Beacons
This web site can also house web beacons (also known as web bugs). Web beacons are small images (visible or invisible 1x1 pixels images placed on the web site font code). Web beacons are intended for and used in a similar way to that of cookies. Besides, web beacons are usually employed to measure traffic and get the pattern of the users visiting a web site.
More information about web beacons available at
Third parties
Some time we share information about the visitors of this site with a third party such as advertisers, sponsors or auditors with the only purpose of improving our services. All these processing tasks are carried out according to legal regulations and respecting all the user's rights concerning data protection according to the law.
This web site measures traffic by using different services that can use cookies or web beacons to analyze what is happening on our web pages. Currently we use the following solutions for traffic measurement. You can learn about the privacy policy of these following solutions at:
Google (Analytics):

This site can also host own adverts or adverts coming from affiliates or advertising networks. This ads are served through ad servers that also utilize cookies to show content suitable for each user. Each of these ad servers has its own privacy policy that can be checked on their own websites. Google utilizes ad partners to serve adverts when you visit our web site. These partners may also use the information they collect from your visits to this and other web sites (without including your name, address, e mail address or phone number) to serve ads about products and services that may be of your interest. Currently this web site serves ads from:

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